Discipline and Consequences

Each student at Bear Exploration Center is responsible for his/her own behavior. Inappropriate behavior will result in consequences deemed suitable to the severity and frequency of misconduct.

Each parent/guardian received a copy of the Code of Student Behavior. The rules, rights, and responsibilities of students, parents, and teachers are contained in its pages. Please refer to it as necessary.

Each teacher has his/her own set of classroom rules and consequences. The rules are necessary for an orderly classroom environment. Consequences for breaking the rules are clear, fair, and aimed at helping students learn to make better choices. Consequences for classroom rules violations may include but are not limited to the following:


1. Verbal warning

2. One-on-one conference

3. Time out or loss of privileges

4. Counseling 8. Office Referral

5. Parent contact

6. Parent conference

7. After-school detention

The student will be referred to the office when the teacher's classroom discipline plan has been exhausted, has been proven ineffective, or the offense is severe. An office referral may be given for any offense listed in the Montgomery Public Schools Code of Student Behavior including bus misbehavior. Receiving an office referral may result in the following consequences:


1. Counseling

2. Call to parent for immediate conference

3. Parents may be asked to attend school with their child for a certain length of time

4. Work Detail after school

5. Out-of-school suspension for one to three days. 

Confiscated items will be stored in the office marked with the child's name. Parents must come to the office to collect confiscated items.

The administrator may apply a greater or lesser consequence, as deemed appropriate by the severity or frequency of the offense. Restitution will be required if applicable.

When behavior is out of control on the bus, parents will be asked to find alternative transportation for their children. 

Student behavior that interferes with the rights of teachers to teach and students to learn is unacceptable.

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