Student Behavior


Students at Bear Exploration Center are responsible for their own actions and are expected to:

1. Walk quietly in the halls without disturbing fellow students or classes.

2. Respect their classmates and themselves and cooperate with those in charge.

3. Use appropriate restroom behavior. This includes using the nearest or assigned

facility, flushing the toilet when finished, washing hands when finished, and helping

keep the restrooms clean and neat.

4. Keep language and gestures respectful and free of profanity or obscenities.

5. Use appropriate lunchroom manners. This includes talking quietly with permission,

remaining seated until dismissed, not taking food from the lunchroom, having lunch money, keeping the area clean, and using "inside" voices.

6. Follow the dress code as stated in the Code of Student Behavior.

7. Follow the classroom discipline plan of their teachers.

Each teacher has an individual classroom discipline plan to encourage good behavior and a positive learning atmosphere. In addition to this plan, within each classroom Bear Exploration Center students will:

1. Come to school prepared for class.

2. Follow directions the first time they are given.

3. Stay on task.

4. Enter and leave the room quietly.

5. Leave toys and/or valuable items at home.

6. Talk only at appropriate times.

7. Keep all areas neat and clean.

8. Treat others as they wish to be treated.

9. Try their best at all times.


•· 2.5 average in core academic subjects (Reading, English, Math, Science, Social Studies)

•· maintaining a 3.0 conduct record in academic courses

•· regular attendance

Students unable to meet the criteria for remaining in the magnet program will be reassigned to their zoned school.

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